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Best Performing Emails - Series of Three
Email #1
To Be Used For: Red String Guardian Angel Bracelet Promo (New Pages)
Drives to: Affiliates Link to New Sales Page
Purpose: Get clicks over to sales page of product at $11.99 w/ free shipping
Includes: 5 Images, 1 {!firstname_fix}’s.
NOTE: Be sure to link ALL images to the Sales Page
Image to be used:

SUBJECT: TEXT MESSAGE 7:05am (missed)


Just making sure you saw this important text message from this morning. Below is the transcription:

We are happy to be of service. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

Heavenly Messaging Services, Inc.

P.S. [YOUR NAME], our Official Ambassador there on Earth, helped get this important message through for you today. If for any reason you are not able to open the Brown Paper Package above, you may open it by clicking here.

Email #2
To Be Used For: Red String Guardian Angel Bracelet Promo (New Pages)
Drives to: Affiliates Link to New Sales Page
Purpose: Get clicks over to sales page of product at $11.99 w/ free shipping
Includes: 2 Images, 2 {!firstname_fix}’s.
Image to be used:


SUBJECT: our love connection

Dear {!firstname_fix},

This is your Guardian Angel speaking.

I know…

You may not have realized I’ve been there, this whole time, watching over you…

But I have. <3

I was there the day you were born, the moment you first opened your eyes…

When you took your first wobbly steps…

The day you first learned to drive a car.

I’ve watched you every step of the way, and I want you to know, I am SO proud of you.

You have dealt with some huge challenges during your lifetime so far…

And you have an amazing amount of courage and bounce-backness (is that a word? Oh, well it is now ;-)


The reason I’m writing you today is because our connection is so important…

And I would LOVE to be connected with you even closer.

There is a way that we can do that, and surprisingly, it actually comes in a brown paper box (!)

I feel it is so important for you to have one of these today, I went ahead and paid the shipping on it for you.

Hope that is O.K.

Please open this box now and let me know if they can send what’s inside to you today:
Box Image Here
If so, I’ll make sure they don’t charge you any shipping at all…

And I will look forward to the day you put this on, so we can communicate (in both thoughts and feelings) every single day.

Being close to you and staying by your side at all times is my greatest wish, {!firstname_fix}.

Can you help me make sure we are never separated?

Much Love,

Your Guardian Angel
Wing Image Here
P.S. This email was sent via my Earthly Ambassador [YOUR NAME] today, if you happen to see them in the near future please thank them for helping me get this message through to you (Angel Mail can be kind of unreliable ;-)
Email #3
To Be Used For: Red String Guardian Angel Bracelet Promo (New Pages)
Drives to: Affiliates Link to New Sales Page
Purpose: Get clicks over to sales page of product at $11.99 w/ free shipping
Includes: 1 Images, 2 {!firstname_fix}’s.

Image to be used:

SUBJECT: why you should wear this on the left side of your body

Dear {!firstname_fix},

These are some instructions for wearing something that hasn’t arrived on your doorstep yet (but I hope will, very soon!)

Here Are Your Instructions For How To Wear Your Bracelet When It Arrives:

Please wear it on your left wrist. This is for two reasons.

One, the left side of the body is considered the receiving side, so wearing it on your left wrist will allow good fortune and luck to find you more easily.

Two, your left side is your Heart side, and that is how Angels primarily connect with humans.

In case you haven’t guessed yet…

I am an Angel.

Specifically, I am YOUR Guardian Angel.

And today I want to send you a physical way to stay connected with me (no matter what happens).

In fact, it’s so important to me that you get one of these divine bracelets today, I went ahead and covered shipping for you, so you won’t have to pay a dime to get it to your doorstep!

I really and truly hope you get this message in time…
And that you are able to get it sent off to you today.

I also asked them to make it with silver alloy, tiny bells, and special string for you, for very specific reasons, which you will read about when you click here.

(Yes even the red color of the string has a special significance so please don’t take it lightly).

All right, {!firstname_fix}...

I think that is all.

Just, please do this for me today, okay?

Because I don’t want to lose track of you (ever).

Big Huge Love,

<3 Your Guardian Angel

P.S. Click on your bracelet now to read the significance of every single piece:
P.P.S. In case you’re wondering who knew I was trying to find you in a hurry today, I got a little help from my friend there on Earth, [YOUR NAME]. They’re always “good” for a little heavenly messaging! :-)
Two More Emails to Use Independently
1. Format the font and line breaks in these emails exactly as you normally do. However be sure to keep all punctuation, caps, no-caps, etc. exactly as I have them here, including in the subjects (In other words do not "fix" things - it is all intentional).

2. BOLDING and underlining indicates text to be hyperlinked to the sales page (make all links bold please).

3. Keep the name indicated as the sign-off, the actual sender’s name will be elsewhere in the email (such as the P.S.)

4. Be sure to replace all [FIRSTNAME] fields in this email.
Free Guardian Angel Wing for {!firstname_fix}

Hey {!firstname_fix},

I’ve got something REALLY COOL to share with you today.

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