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We Really Hope YOU Will Be Able To Claim Your Angel 
Bracelet Today - While You Still Can! Here’s Why...
FROM: Ric & Liz  

RE: Limited Time To Reserve Your Red String Angel Bracelet And Stay Connected To Your Guardian Angel

Dear One,

I hope you’re in a good place to “receive” right about now, because…

We just got a message to pass on to you that should pretty much make your day :-)

You know how sometimes you wonder if there’s really anyone “out there” who knows who you are, truly and deeply…

And actually cares what happens to you?

Well, after getting this message, I can assure you, there is.

They are not from Earth...but they know all about you, and always will.

They love you, without reservation, and know that you are destined to do great things (they’ve even told me about some of them).

And today, they asked us to make sure you know that they paid the shipping on this so that you two can always stay connected.

This entity identifies as your “Guardian Angel,” and they have actually been with you since the day you were born (when they were assigned to watch over you)...

But you may have forgotten about them...or maybe not ever known about their presence before!

This often happens as we get older, life gets complicated, and we forget about how simple things really are, and the real magic that was shimmering around us on the day we were born…

But don’t worry.

Your Angel hasn’t forgotten about you!

In fact, they want us to remind you they are here for you, and to help you stay strongly connected, from this day forward.

That is why we want to make sure you have a chance to get your Red String Angel Bracelet boxed up and sent to your doorstep (don’t worry, we have full instructions to make your shipping 100% FREE if you can respond today)…

...along with two free GIFTS (which we will tell you about in a moment).

But first, we want to a little bit more about...
 How Your Bracelet Was Made, Why It Was Crafted Specifically In This Way, And Exactly How You Should Wear It...
Your Angel Bracelet was crafted for you with beautiful silver alloy angel wings, intricate beadwork, and tiny bells that serve as delicate reminders that there is always someone by your side who loves you and is looking out for you.

The color chosen to string your bracelet together is a deep, vibrant red - 

Because in ancient tradition, in cultures from Hinduism and Buddhism, to Christianity and Judaism the wearing of the red string is considered holy and that it can help connect the wearer with the divine...

In fact, red has always been a powerful color symbolizing the vitality of blood and protection of the life force... even in older, Pagan traditions! 
That is why Red String has been combined with the Symbols on this bracelet specifically designed to harness the magic and power of the angels…

So that it may become a talisman charged with the energies of your personal Guardian Angel, to serve as a bringer of good fortune and extra protection against whatever chaos our modern world may throw your way.
HOW TO WEAR YOUR ANGEL BRACELET: The left side of the body is considered the receiving side, so wearing it on your left wrist will allow good fortune and luck to find you more well as it will be on your heart side, which is how Angels primarily connect with us.

HOWEVER I must tell you, we can’t offer these beautiful bracelets for 70% OFF forever! We have a special agreement with their maker right now, but that is bound to run out and revert back to the original price at some point. Which means...

Time is clicking away on this opportunity for you to claim your bracelet, so PLEASE be sure to answer this letter and reserve yours for certain by clicking the order button below before you close this page!
We Have Arranged For A Certain Number Of These Red String Angel Bracelets To Be Given Away At 70% OFF, With ZERO Shipping Today, To Those Who Ask
 We want to send you one of these beautiful bracelets for a fraction of what they would normally cost if you can answer this letter today…

In addition, if you can reserve yours today by clicking the button below, we will send it to you with completely FREE shipping (you can tell your angel thank you next time you talk)! ;-)

Please don’t “wait till tomorrow” to decide. We don’t know how long this special arrangement will last, so...

Be sure to click the button below before you leave this page:
OH and we almost forgot!!!..

 In addition to your beautiful Angel Bracelet, we will also include two FREE GIFTS if you can reserve yours today: 
Higher Power Meditation: For a Greater Relationship with Your Maker
Meditation has been used for over 3500 years to clear one’s mind with the positive intention of connecting to a higher consciousness. 

When you tap into the power of this audio guided meditations you’ll be using techniques and practices that have been handed down to us from ancient times to be more balanced, centered and open to powerful connections with your higher power!
Angel Ascendancy: Guided Messages From The Archangels 
This fun and easy to read guide covers the who, what, why, where and how of connecting to and interpreting the messages from the Archangels.

Specifically designed to be used to connect with the power of the Archangels on a daily basis, you can experience their powerful yet gentle presence more fully in your life.
    Yes! Please Send Me My Guardian Angel Red String Bracelet 
    (Plus My Instant Download Access To The TWO Incredible Bonuses).
    Please allow 13-20 days for delivery.
    Guardian Angel Red String Bracelet is shipped in the mail to you, the other two bonuses you will be given immediate online access to,
    so you can start reading or listening today! (These bonuses are not physically shipped).

    60 Day Money Back Guarantee!
    P.S. Thank you for reading this all the way through! We’re so glad you stumbled across this letter today. We can’t wait to hear how this impacts your life and gives you an immediate way to feel strongly connected with your Guardian Angel (even aside from the compliments you’ll inevitably get when you wear it)! 
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